Services that save you time and money with Medicare and Medicare Part D prescription drugs

Services that save you time and money with Medicare and Medicare Part D prescription drugs.  Medicare can be very complicated and confusing, especially now with the emergence of Medicare Advantage plans and the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. Understanding which insurance option and which prescription drug plan would be the best option and saving more Money can be a daunting task. Sometimes, even after selecting a plan, the cost of medicines can be quite expensive and more than many of us can afford. Fortunately, there are services available that can help people with Medicare. Many are free and many are not well known. Here is a list of ten services that can help you understand Medicare insurance options or reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

  1. Each state should receive free Medicare counseling through HICAP / SHIP. HICAP is the acronym for Health Insurance Counseling Assistance Program. It was formerly called SHIP, which means the State Health Care Program. Contact your state Aging Office for more information about HICAP / SHIP.
  2. Patient care programs through pharmaceutical companies may provide drugs at no charge or for a small fee. Proof of financial and insurance status should usually be sent to the manufacturer, along with an order signed by the patient and the prescribing physician. Eligibility rules vary for each pharmaceutical company.
  3. The Medicare Savings Program can help you pay part of your Medicare premium or deductible costs. This includes your monthly Medicare Part B premium. Eligibility is based on income. Contact your county social services department or human services department to apply.
  4. The Medicare Extra Assistance or Low Income Subsidy program will assist you in paying for some of the Medicare Part D prescription drug costs, such as coverage difference, premiums, and co-payments. You can apply online at www. or call the telephone line 1-800-medicare.
  5. Medicare Rights Center offers free counseling and advocacy for people with Medicare. Employees are not Medicare employees. They are extremely knowledgeable about Medicare and Medicare for ESRD.
  6. If you are still working but will be eligible for Medicare, contact the Human Resources department for free advice.
  7. State pharmaceutical assistance programs can help older people pay some of their medication costs. Not all states offer these programs. Eligibility criteria vary from state to state, but are based primarily on your income.
  8. If you have served in the military, you may be eligible for Veterans Affairs services and prescriptions. Contact your local office to see if you qualify.