Health Insurance Solutions Part II

Health Insurance Solutions Part II

Once again, there is a solution to any problems, challenges, obstacles or anything that might make us worry. Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8. The Low Cost Medical Assistance Act never stated that the insurer had to eliminate the underwriting process. Several elements were implemented to sell plans to comply with the law that included: essential health benefits that are needed; except for dental and pediatric vision coverage, especially for those with no minor children in their custody.┬áThe other factor is that carriers cannot deny coverage any longer to clients who have more than sufficient health conditions with expensive fees, terms in the world of “qualified” insurance due to pre-existing conditions. Find cheap health insurance today.

Wouldn’t there be a better alternative to demanding lower prices for medicines in this country based on negotiating rates paid elsewhere? One of the other challenges is the cost of malpractice insurance and, if we want to control it, the rising costs of medical care, there must be a major reform of liability and guidelines. Which, of course, would be contrary, for a significant part, to the legal lobby! Promoting greater competition, including a public option, along with private ones, and requiring clearer explanations of coverage and exclusions, would go a long way, promoting improvements.

President Trump was wrong when he said that this task would be easy and that the progressives were wrong, oversimplify what is needed and talk about universal coverage without thinking about nuances and so on.

What can we do now to create a better future? There is incredible education and incredible medical treatments, yet the silos we live in, including our laws (we must do better, not more), prevent us from living a solid life. There must be a coordinated holistic community effort between the individual, family, employers, providers, insurers, faith and/or belief system. Only people who need to know the person’s challenge and show dignity for the person (grace). In the process, life is getting better for performance gains and better money. This is a better deal. Think, feel, investigate best results, see and hear the best results. Business as a call (bring life).

The measurement parameter of the current law is based on everything except a person’s health status. The problem with this whole concept is the fact that there is no signature to measure risk for insurers. This, in turn, does not provide a fair risk assessment for insurers interested in providing consumer protection. Why Simply because the risk factors of a consumer’s medical history are unknown. The solution is not to recognize the cost of coverage and how it is paid according to taxes and all the rhetoric uttered by politicians, media critics and other bipartisan groups.